The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Program

In July 2013, Muscular Dystrophy Western Australia launched the ground breaking program, The Duke of Edinburgh International Award.  The program was championed by six young, inspiring individuals in its first year.

The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award is a self-developmental award that encourages young people between the ages of 14-25 to develop skills focused around self-belief, self-confidence, community engagement and personal challenge.  The valuable skills which individuals develop from engagement in The Award are recognised by schools, colleges, universities and employers.  The Award is individual to each participant, with the emphasis being placed on them to create their own award journey that will challenge them and push them outside of their comfort zones.

The ethos of The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award resonated with Muscular Dystrophy WA as the underpinning foundation of the Award is that every young person should have the ability and opportunity to participate, regardless of situation or circumstance.

Now in its second year, the Award Program is going from strength to strength with new Bronze Award Participants and our first Silver Award Participant, who completed a Bronze Award as part of the initial program.

The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award is comprised of four components; skill, physical recreation, volunteering and an adventurous journey. It is a flexible, non-competitive personal development program for young people and operates in over 140 countries around the world.

Are you aged 14*—24?  Interested in getting out & trying something new?

Why not sign up for the Muscular Dystrophy WA Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award!  There are so many possibilities that are not only great fun, but will help pushes your boundaries, improve self-belief, self-confidence, community engagement and completing personal challenges.

Contact Project Support Officer Rob Kerr today!

*People aged 13 years 9 Months are eligible to participate in the award



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Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award
Muscular Dystrophy WA – Registered Award Unit
Muscular Dystrophy WA is a Registered Award Unit of this internationally recognised Award for young people.  Coordinated by Rob Kerr, the Award enables our young people to take full advantage of the diverse opportunities offered by the Organisation.  The Award is designed to be an individual challenge based on the unique interests of each Participant in the areas of Physical Recreation, Skill, Service and an Adventurous Journey.
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