WA Research


In line with our strategic direction, we remain committed to supporting relevant research into muscular dystrophy and neuromuscular conditions and we continue to create a collaborative environment where research advances that take place both locally and globally, will positively influence the lives of Western Australians living with muscular dystrophy.

As a subcommittee of the Board of Muscular Dystrophy WA, The Research Advisory Committee (RAC) provides the Board with advice, supplementary information and recommendation in relation to strategic research initiatives, research scholarship candidates and their performances, and liaising with appropriate research services, foundations, education institutes and hospitals where relevant to Muscular Dystrophy WA and our community.

The Research Advisory Committee (RAC) provides leadership and advice on mechanisms to improve monitoring, bench-marking and reporting of Muscular Dystrophy WA scholarship holders’ research to ensure The Association continues to allocate funds appropriately within this research department.

As an organisation we aim to maximise the impact of the limited funds available by identifying research areas that will promise to make the greatest scientific advances and have the most profound quality of life outcomes for our families. We will always ensure that our research strategy aligns to initiatives that have demonstrated advances across the globe and we will always endeavour to collaborate across multidisciplinary environments.

To ensure we continue our focus in an applied manner, Muscular Dystrophy WA has developed a formalised Research Strategy which defines the priorities for our community and demonstrates our commitment to achieving these outcomes.  Please follow this link to review this document.

We will always embrace the successes of the last 50 years and work tirelessly to generate opportunities in the future.

Research Projects supported by Muscular Dystrophy WA

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