Honourary Life Membership

The Board of Muscular Dystrophy WA calls for nominations for Honorary Life Membership on an annual basis ahead of the Annual General Meeting (AGM). We invite all individual members of the Association to nominate appropriate candidates.

The awarding of Honorary Life Membership recognises the significant, sustained and lasting contribution that individuals make to the muscular dystrophy community and to Muscular Dystrophy WA.

In line with the Honorary Life Membership Policy of MDWA, Candidates must be a currently registered member of Muscular Dystrophy WA, or previously registered if being nominated posthumously. They must demonstrate, qualities and in line with the organisation’s values.

The Board of Muscular Dystrophy WA review all nominations to ensure they meet the criteria and, if appropriate, the announcement and formal presentation of the Honorary Life Memberships are made annually at the Muscular Dystrophy WA Annual General Meeting.